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Professor John Cronin

Enhancing Muscular Performance Physiotherapy Bundle

Access: Lifetime of the site. Purchase this bundle to get access to all four of our online courses! By purchasing through this bundle, you save 15%!

Force Plate Fundamentals for Physiotherapists Webinar

This webinar is an introduction to force plates for physiotherapists with practical examples of force plate analysis of jump performance and clinical applications for rehabilitation in sports and community practice.

1 hour

Eccentrics, Concentrics and Isometrics Unpacked

This course is an in-depth look at the mechanical relationships, namely length-tension and force-velocity, that influence mechanotransduction and protein synthesis.

10 hours

Optimising Strength and Power: A Connective Tissue Approach

This course will teach you about the muscle-tendon properties that underpin force production and how to assess those properties to help you design rehabilitation programmes that target specific tissues.

Shaping and Shifting Muscle

This course will introduce and extend your knowledge in muscle hypertrophy, architecture and fibre type.

10 hours


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Professor John Cronin

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