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Dr Mark Laslett

Back Pain 303: Diagnosis & Treatment of Sacroiliac & Pelvic Girdle Pain

A comprehensive, evidence-informed course covering anatomy, pathomechanics, diagnosis and management of pelvic-girdle and SIJ pain.

13 hours

Lumbar Spine Webinar Package

Four Lumbar Spine Webinars for $40

4 hours

Podcast with Brian Sorensen on 50 years of learning and discovery with all things musculoskeletal.

Dr Mark Laslett with Brian Sorensen on 50 years of learning and discovery with all things musculoskeletal.

The Back Pain Podcast | The Clinitians Edition

Discussion with Dr Mark Laslett & Adam Meakins.

Back Pain 101: Basic Assessment & Treatment

Designed for physiotherapists who have graduated recently or are starting to learn management of back pain patients. You will learn practical hands-on assessment & management that goes beyond international guideline principles.

10 hours

3 Case Studies of Persistent Lumbar Spine Pain

Dr Mark Laslett presents 3 video case studies of persistent low back pain with over 12 months follow up. Three different sources of nociception identified by clinical exam, then verified. Case Reports & Notes included.

4 hours

Back Pain 201: Advanced Assessment

Dr Mark Lasletts' 10 hour course on advanced clinical assessment of LBP. Improve your screening, differential diagnosis and treatment of low back pain/sciatica patients. Course includes practical tips for the clinic setting.

10 hours

Back Pain 300 Starter Pack

The Back Pain 300 Starter Pack gives you an overview of the sources and causes of LBP and introduces the concept of discogenic pain.

31 hours

Back Pain 300: Introduction to Advanced Diagnoses & Management

Introduction to Advanced Diagnosis and Management. An introduction to advanced clinical diagnostics and treatments for low back and referred lower limb pain including mechanical discogenic pain.

11 hours

Back Pain 301: Mechanical Discogenic Pain

This course covers basic pathoanatomy of the anterior column and the theory, evidence assessment and management of mechanical discogenic pain.

20 hours

Back Pain 302: Diagnoses and Treatment of the Lumbar Radicular Syndromes

This course covers referred lower extremity pain secondary to nerve root compression, scarring, and/or irritation. Focuses mostly on leg pain associated with lumbar disc herniation.

15 hours

Back Pain Diagnosis: Child's Play! Video

This brief 18 minute video by Dr Mark Laslett is intentionally provocative and presented somewhat tongue-in-cheek.


Diagnostic Accuracy Course

Learn diagnostic accuracy, the 2X2 table & calculation of diagnostic accuracy values in 8 hours. Learn the sequence of pattern recognition, SpPIn & Diagnosis by Subtraction as it is used clinically, informing management & further diagnostic workup.

8 hours

Dr Mark Laslett on the Radicular Syndrome

Listen to Dr Mark Laslett talk about Radicular Syndrome with Tom Jesson

48 Minutes

Is a Specific Diagnosis Possible for the Painful Lumbar Spine?

Listen to Dr Mark Laslett discussing specific painful lumbar spine diagnoses like discogenic, facetogenic & SIJ pain. It is possible, necessary or desirable? Q&A session, manual & CPD Certificate.

1 hour

Is Low Back Pain Really Non-Specific?

This webinar directly challenges the concept of non-specific low back pain, as a legitimate concept from 30 years ago, but now is just a dogma that should be set aside.

1 hour

Loaded Lumbar Flexion: Friend or Foe

In this webinar with Mark Laslett , find out more about the theory and evidence of the dynamic disc model and make your own mind up about the role of loaded lumbar flexion in rehabilitation.

0.5 hours

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Webinar

Sacroiliac Joint Pain. Access 14 days. Dr Mark Laslett covers the clinical diagnosis of SIJ pain, discusses SIJ 'dysfunction' and presents case studies and latest evidence for SIJ pain.

1 hour

The Two Big DON'TS in Back Pain Care

We will address the DONTs, focusing mostly on 'Trivializing the Catastrophic' which guidelines tend to encourage. Brief presentations of recent cases seen are used to illustrate failures of routine guideline management. 90 min presentation. Q & A.

1.5 hours

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